Something Colorful

On a recent episode of Untitled: The Adam Savage Project, Adam recounted his story of when his twins broke his fancy and expensive new 40” HDTV. His son described what happened as “Something Colorful”.

This morning I discovered something colorful happened to Ava’s iPad.


We have replaced so many iPad screens that I would call Julie an expert in iPad repair. I am not sure what we will do with this one, as iPads have become less repairable over time. Ava may be looking at these colors for a while.

The crack is completely unnoticeable when the screen is off. You can’t even feel it. It is only the color distortion that lets you know it is there. I have no idea how Ava accomplished this feat.

Music on the Super Nintendo

The SNES is probably my favorite video game system of all time, at least so far. My wife bought me the SNES Classic a couple of weeks ago, and I love playing the old games again on our projector.

We were playing Donkey Kong Country and I was thinking about how great the music is in that game.

This morning I ran across a video on how that music was made. It’s a quick 5 minutes and worth checking out.

A Brief History of Pi

Mint whipped cream, pudding, and chocolate with Oreo crust pie.

Mint whipped cream, pudding, and chocolate with Oreo crust pie.

The Stanis household takes pi day seriously. Or at least we usually do when things are not crazy. It snuck up on me this year so we had to do some quick thinking. My wonderful wife got a chicken pot pie from Costco, because they are awesome, and we managed to cobble together a delicious dessert pie. I think the scale will not be kind in the morning.


We also learned last night that Stephen Hawking has passed. I remember reading parts of his book, A Brief History of Time, when I was younger, but I do not remember much of it. We have a copy, so I know what my next read is going to be.

Stephen Hawking is an inspiration to me. He was given 2 years to live after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig disease at the age of 21. Instead of dying at 23 he leaves till he was 76, and contributed more to the world than most of us can hope for in those years. I wonder if his disability helped him with his career and writing as it removed other distractions.

Sugar Rush

S・U・G・A・R Jump into your racing car. Say Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush hey!

It has become a nightly ritual for Westli to ask for music at the dinner table and for Ava to ask for Sugar Rush, a song from Wreck-it-Ralph, to annoy Alivya. Tonight Ava and Westli danced around while the music played.

Other songs to chose from to annoy Alivya include:


Come Stand by My Fire

I closed th door to my office today.

It's not something I normally do, but PHC was getting too damn cold.

I tend to think that most individuals have an issue with their office's heating and air conditioning systems. No cubical farm has ever had a properly balanced HVAC, and everyone has a different heat preference.

60 pounds ago, I was able to get away with a sweater, but in the last year that no longer cuts it. I now have an oil filled space heater cranked up to its max. While I still leave my office door open most of the time there are moments where closing the door is the only way I can get warm enough.

My boss seems to be in the same boat. I now get regular visits as he warms himself by my fire. Others in the office either like it or think it's to damn hot. I'll let you guess which ones.

My Lakewood space heater. Like the town in northern Wisconsin it makes me think of summer.

My Lakewood space heater. Like the town in northern Wisconsin it makes me think of summer.